Gerald (Jerry) Peterson

Director of Chrysler Kokomo Casting Plant, Indiana
“World’s largest casting plant”

“In my 23 years in die casting I have not seen any one use science and data to understand, simplify and solve die casting problems as effectively as BHOLSTER has. I knew Rabi for nearly two decades and he was relentless in bringing die casting down to an exact science.”

Steve Flannery

(former VP of Operations-USA, Cosma International)

“The degree of correlation and predictability from the Bholster Technologies simulations to the final product were extremely accurate and reliable. We saved countless hours and untold dollars on product, tool and process design resulting in the development of a very complex world-class product. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Bholster Technologies in the future.”

Gregor Babic

Process Manager with COSMA Casting
COSMA Casting

“I used BHOLSTER services when asked to take over the process development of an engine cradle program that was not making any advances with time running out. Rabi is the real deal with solid experience backing his systematic scientific approach. He takes the hocus pocus out of casting. Saved us time and money and I can’t recommend enough.

Bob Feagain

Process Manager
PACE Industries

“Bholster Technologies flow simulations are clear, complete and easy to interpret. They provided PowerPoint presentations and technical interpretation of the output has been extremely helpful in our decision making at Pace.”

Bill Byrd

Pacific Die Casting

Excerpt from a client’s email …
“ . . . So far I think you are helping us get better castings from the start. . . .”

Client wishes to remain Anonymous

Excerpt from a client’s email …
“ . . . Like I mentioned to you earlier, one of my biggest mistakes during the project was not calling you back in earlier when we were struggling with developing the shorter cycle-time process. Your support and Jibba-Jabba free approach was crutial to our success. . . .”