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With over 18 years of casting and R&D expertise at our disposal, Bholster has brought die casting down to a science.  We have a proven track record for guiding our customers with solutions that they can rely on.

Our mastery of the science that govern die casting has positioned us to work alongside the large automobile manufacturers who challenge the limits of this process.  When casting thin large structural automotive castings, die cooling is a delicate balance between keeping the thin flat sections hot to be certain we can fill the die, while aggressively cool local thick sections to solidify quickly and meet target cycle times and simultaneously avoid soldering of the die steel.  We have brought this down to a science!

There is still an unnecessary amount of trial and error in the design and process development of new structural automotive parts. We have eliminated this cost by using proper application of the science of heat transfer and fluid dynamics.


  • Honesty to self
  • Understand first, then seek to solve
  • Truth comes from the willingness to say “I don’t know
  • Apply the science only after it is clearly understood in your mind
  • Simplify by discarding the negligible and irrelevant

What is Multiphysics Simulation?

The laws of Physics literally determine the outcome of most events in Universe! A simple example is Newton’s laws of motion (Published in 1687) is all that is needed to predict the path of the Voyager spacecraft through our planetary system. In fact, the path of Voyager was predetermined and plotted well before anything was built so that engineers can be sure of what will happen. The act of predicting and plotting of the path ahead of time is a simulation.

Myultiphysics simulaiton is simply accounting for the combined effects of more than one  of the laws of Physics to predict what will happen ahead of time.

We have brought die casting down to a science.  We did this by identifying all of the dominant Physics that govern the process and develop a solid and crystal clear applications of these laws to know exactly how things will work.

A few examples of practical applications of the above capabilities are:

• To know if a given part is “castable” or not
• To know with confidence what cycletime is achievable
• To know with confidence that a given die design will perform as expected.

Years of R&D expertise

Bholster Technologies will help to bring your process down to a science.

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