Eliminated Risk: Very Large Thin Structural Auto Part – Never successfully cast before
More than one meter long and just as wide, thin structural auto part for performance vehicle; average thickness ~2 to 2.5mm, with a few heavy attachment points. Never been successfully cast before.

HPDC: How We Pushed The Limits of Cycle-time With Scientific Precision
The die caster was awarded a very thick heavy bulky transfer case for a high power automobile application (over 700 HP engine). The die runs very hot in spite of measures to maximize the die cooling using conventional design practice along with heavy external spray. Learn how we helped . . .

Collaborative Research with U of Toronto
Bholster collaborated with the department of mechanical and industrial engineering. We measured a key variable which empowered us to predict precisely how thin a part can be cast. Yes, sub-millimeter wall thickness is possible! Click to see full webinar presented at NADCA.


Specialize In Structural Automotive Castings and Ultra Thin Walled Castings

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