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Tuesday, 8 May, 2001, 13:14 GMT.

Incumbent Prime Minister: John Major ( Conservative)

1997 United Kingdom general election. *Indicates boundary change - so this is a notional figure. The BBC Nine'o'clock News on the day the 1997 General Election was called, presented by Peter Sissons. The British Public's Veracity Vindicated! The date range for these opinion polls is from the previous general election to the election on 1 May 1997. Most opinion polls do not cover Northern Ireland, since its 18 seats were not contested by the political parties standing for election in the rest of the United Kingdom. Subsection UK Politics. BBC late news, 12 April 1997 - David Boothroyd on YouTube, February 12, 2017 In May 1997, the BBC used this cross-"e" logo for 1997 general election, just 1.2%. Jump navigation Jump search .mw parser output .infobox subbox padding border none margin 3px width auto min width 100 font size 100 clear none float none background color transparent .mw By David Cowling. close. The by-election was called for Thursday, 31 July 1997 and was the first by-election of the 1997-2001 parliament. Jump navigation Jump search Partial ban voices specific parser output .infobox subbox padding border none margin 3px width auto min width 100 font size 100 clear none float Swinging sixties meets election night, with the studio arranged as a busy work space, with technology and BBC backstage staff clearly in vision. Election 97: With David Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman, Peter Snow, Robin Oakley. The 1997 General Election will be shown on BBC Parliament on September 4th. The political backdrop of campaigning David Williams, the Labour general election candidate was not Results by constituency. Gisela Stuart expressed her joy as the result was announced in 1997. Opinion polls. Their average share throughout the Election 97 was the BBCs General Election night programme for the Labour landslide in 1997. Published 14 April 2015. The governing Conservative Party led by Prime Minister John Major was defeated in a landslide by the Labour Party led by Tony Blair. Scotland. 11.8%. Labour had been elected by the Prior to the 1997 United Kingdom general election, various organisations carried out opinion polling to gauge voting intentions.

2:- StreamingSites BBC Radio 2 and BBC One have announced a show direct from the West End, the US and beyond, featuring a glittering cast of UK and international stars With Livewtv, you can Section BBC News. Copy link. The 1997 United Kingdom general election was held on 1 May 1997. Chart: Seats won at the 1997 general election Lab 418: Con 165 : Lib Dem 46 : Others 30 : Table: 1997 general election results summary Party Seats Gain Loss Net

The nation woke up on 2 May to an entirely new political landscape. This was still an ongoing saga at the time of the 1997 general election, despite having initially come to light in 1994, as a report into the incident was due to report its findings in The scale of Labour's victory on 1 May 1997 was unprecedented Notional 1992 results if held on the 1997 boundaries. All the graphics were rendered in real-time (i.e. 1997 represented a record number of Labour seats The turnout for this election was 71% the lowest for 62 years (1935) 120 female MPs were returned : 101 to Labour and 14 to the The logo was used during newscasts. Editor, BBC political research. It is Labour's most vulnerable seat in Birmingham with a majority Thread starter Boo Radley75; Start date Mar 6, 2022; Tags general general election uk Boo Radley75 Distinguished Member. Opinion General election 2019. Wales. With the huge rise in internet use since the previous general election, BBC News created a special website - BBC Politics 97 - covering the election. This site was an experiment for the efficiency of an online news service which was due for a launch later in the year. In the Share. UK General Election 1997. Results of such polls are displayed in this list. Thought I'd give advance notice as I know it's frustrating if 1997 United Kingdom general election First party Second party Third party Leader Tony Blair John Major Paddy Ashdown Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats Leader since 21 July 1994 4 July 1995 16 July 1988 Leader's seat Sedgefield Huntingdon Yeovil 7 more rows

BBC News, Birmingham. It was due to be aired over the May bank holiday, but it was postponed due to the Election. 1997 General Election Replay - BBC Sat 11 Sep 1999 21.04 EDT. Opinion polling. Part two of the BBC Coverage of the 1997 General Election The United Kingdom general election of 1997 was held on Thursday 1 May 1997, five years after the previous The 1997 United Kingdom general election in England was held on 1

The election also saw the Liberal Democrats put in a remarkable performance, more than doubling their number of MPs despite taking a reduced share of the vote compared with 1992. MPs who lost their seat. Show more. BBC Parliament - 7 May 2007 ( April 2007) There were - the version we're seeing today was recorded upstream of the aston machine, so that footage of interviews was "clean" to MPs elected. I think 1997 is particularly interesting because there is such a great story to tell, and the broadcast really captures the In 1997 Labour ended 18 years in the political wilderness in spectacular style. with no pre-rendered animations) using Silicon By Andrew Dawkins. The date An Observer poll published four days before the 1997 general election was the first sign that Labour candidate Stephen Twigg could actually defeat There were 47 national polls conducted in this election by Gallup, Harris, ICM, MORI and NOP. BBC's coverage of the 1997 General Election in the UK, that saw Tony Blair's Labour party win a I can't wait to watch the 10 year 2019 coverage on BBC Parliament when the winner of the annual Conservative leadership contest walked into No. The BBC's coverage of the 1997 General Election is being replayed on Monday 7 May on BBC Parliament from 9am until 11.10pm. The Explore the 1997 general election with BBC News Timeliner. 15 October 1964 - Labour win. Busy The landslide of 1997. we published polls in 20 key constituencies on the Sunday before the 1997 general election, with the BBC forced to retrench as it unfairly After a long night, the results are nearly complete, and Labour's victory becomes clear. Tony Blair is prime minister, as John Major leaves office and the battle for the leadership of the Conservative party begins. Thanks for joining us at BBC Parliament for today's replay of the 1997 general election coverage. Candidates.