HPDC Simulation Services

For engine blocks, transmission housings and automotive power train components.

Simulation of All Foundry Processes

Shrink, flow, air entrapment, riser positioning, solidification time optimization and more.

Sandcasting - 2500 lb

Simulation of the sand casting of stainless steel:
Flow, solidification times, actual shrink size with and without exothermic risers, etc.

Die Temperature

Jet cooled core temperature during solidification; predicted shrink porosity reduction with jet cooling.

Simulations for Auto Structures

Product & process optimization, castability prediction, vacuum simulation,
porosity prediction, and cycle time reduction.

Shot Sleeve Simulation - HPDC

Heat loss during shot, trapped air accounted for, with copper beryllium
shot tip, and radiation heat loss.

Die Temperature - HPDC

Transparent die showing cavity temperature with effectiveness of cooling lines.

We believe that all casting processes can be brought down to a science.

Our mastery of fundamentals of castings enables us to simplify by eliminating the negligible and irrelevant.
BHOLSTER have consistently delivered practical solutions that worked exactly as claimed!
We are a consulting associate of Flow Science the creator of FLOW-3D®

NADCA Webinar outlining the fundamental science that determines how thin we can cast for the HPDC process.