Bholster Technologies
Who are we . . .
We are a consulting associate of Flow Science, the creator of FLOW-3D® internationally recognized simulation software.  FLOW-3D is used by scientists and engineers around the world for simulating a vast range of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and multiphysics problems.
What we do . . .
We are fascinated by how few laws govern virtually everything in the Universe and are equally disappointed hear some refer to High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)  as a “black art”.  We believe that all industrial processes and systems can be brought down to an exact science.
BHOLSTER provide simulation and R&D support to the casting industry.  We use the known laws of physics to understand, simplify, or supplant existing systems.

NADCA Webinar outlining the fundamental science that determines how thin we can cast for the HPDC process.

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Sample Clients . . .